The Vision

With my colleagues at school creating an online portal for learning and increased health concerns, I can feel the online, home-schooling pathway beginning to open up. I asked some families in my social community; “how are we feeling about the potential of home education?”

Their responses, just like a classroom were dynamic and varied;

“I’ve only got one hour a day, I need to work as much as I can.”

“I’m too uneducated to teach our children, I don’t know where to start”

“My husband is taking this role, looks like it’s P.E. everyday!”

One thing was for sure. The conversation, much like now as you read this, was emotionally fueled. Underpinning it, was the simple fact that every parent, guardian and carer, just wanted the best for their family. So after a quick Instagram scroll, seeing worksheet after worksheet posted, my vision became clear;

“To create a space to allow parents to understand and thus lead quality, responsive, curriculum-based education at home.”

November, 2017

My goal is based around high-impact with minimal effort. Why? We are parents, at the best of times, we are time poor. Or is that a trait of human beings? In a challenging time, let’s motivate our children to take control of their learning. Lead their education.

Think of it this way. In the classroom, we build the children to be learners. To lead their learning. A skill recognised so highly, that the children across Victoria, Australia, have received an online school portal, to continue learning in an online classroom if physical school attendance does not recommence in Term 2. My passion has always been within harnessing the power of those that matter most in a primary students life; their parents. Enter my vision. Your children have a portal and now, you have an online space. Right here. With me. Guiding you through how learning looks in the classroom. The strategies we use as educators and the research behind why we use them, put clearly so that in this time poor world we can understand them quickly. Again, maximum impact with minimal effort.

I’ll be blogging weekly to ensure you have the toolbox to lead education confidently. There are ways to communicate back to me through comments, my Instagram space, a Facebook Community and Twitter. Now this is not a rouse, some days that ‘confidently teach’ phrase may not necessarily happen, some days you will beat yourself up and say “they just didn’t get it!” Those days, my friend, are the ones when you are the true educator. Reflective and growing. And those are the most important days to reach out with a question. I have tried to avoid the word ‘isolation,’ but the current situation in Australia (and globally) is heading towards it. This is a physical isolation, not a social one. Reach out to me. I will reach straight back. Why? It all comes back to my vision.

So here is my little blog. My little parent sanctuary for learning and thinking. To ask those questions like “where do I find the curriculum?” and “how many hours should I be teaching?” and “what should I be teaching?” and “how do I teach fractions?” The answers are just around the corner, but beware, it will challenge you. Just know you have the tools already, you have been educator all along because, of course, you have cared for a child. I’ll just be in your pocket.

My role is not to tell you what is right or wrong. We are dealing with children, human beings, kids. They are unique. My role is to knead those skills you have as a parent, add a little research to them and half a cup of evidence-based practice, show you some frameworks and curriculum links, throw in some practical ideas and bake for a couple of minutes a day.

Voila! You have high impact teaching.

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