A summary of the week that was…

Before jumping into decoding Learning Intentions and Success Criteria next week, I thought it best to pause and reflect on our week of MOTIVATION.

Welcome to the Jungle – A short piece for those returning to Distance Learning. We summarised what we learnt from our last isolation experience. The overarching theme; children need motivation to learn.

WANTED: For Good Behaviour – Introducing a rewards system during learning time at home to ensure we are building intrinsic motivation through feedback.

Now for the SIZZLE!

When I searched (or googled as my Mum likes to put it) ‘parents teaching at home,’ I was flooded with some pretty cloudy articles. So I’ve put together a short list of pieces, that you can skim over with your Sunday morning coffee.

Here are three pieces on MOTIVATION that I have been loving this week:

7 minutes to watch (juicy ideas covered in the first 4 minutes)

‘Hacking Your Brain’s “Reward System” to Change Habits’

A short clip on ‘reward-based learning’ that our upper years children might like to watch too. It unpacks building habits by shifting behaviours.

5 minutes speed read (take what you need and come back to it)

‘21 Ideas to Improve Student Motivation’

10 minutes to read

‘Help Students Build Intrinsic Motivation’ by fostering students’ sense of mastery, autonomy, and purpose, teachers can boost their desire and dedication to learn.

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