Sunday Sizzle

Coming to you live…on a Monday. Why? This #ISOweekend was all about family time and Zoom-ing with friends. It really takes it out of you. Can you imagine how our children feel at the end of a video chat session? Engaging in this form of communication is different and effortful. Emotionally and visually taxing.

Before jumping into Success Criteria (SC) this week (the GOLDEN nugget of teaching and learning) I have some great priming pieces. As SC are used differently across the state, country and world, keep your mind open to interpretation. Yes, parent educators, you may have some choice and agency here!

We have missed your Sunday morning coffee this post, so how about a quick scan of these with your 4pm cup of tea or dare I say it your 9pm wine (Miss Donald says you’ve earnt it).

7 mins to read (includes a 4 minutes video if that’s more your style)

‘A Map for Meaningful Learning’

A succinct article from two of the best in education, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, speed read the article or WATCH the video. It summarises how to make thinking and learning succinct and focussed.

5 mins to watch (the first minute and last minute are the juiciest)

‘Using Success Criteria’

Not my favourite example, but is produced by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) which means it will give you a small insight into how Learning Intentions and Success Criteria look and sound in SOME classrooms.

4 mins to watch

‘John Hattie Learning Intentions and Success Criteria’

John Hattie is an educational researcher known globally for his work on ‘Visible Learning.’ I was lucky enough to learn alongside him, just be mindful this clip is both simple and complicated. Watch it once, then let you mind digest it.

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