Sunday Sizzle

Good afternoon and welcome to that ordinary Sunday feeling. I say ordinary as there is something nonchalant about a Sunday. On one hand, we have the ‘day off,’ but on the other we are gearing up for the week to come.

The Sizzle today is based on parent feedback (yes thank you thank you to the two lovely readers that reached out). All in all they love the Sunday Sizzle, but it can feel like a teachers domain as the clips are too long. Now I thought parent educators had it tough, but now you are telling me 5 minutes is too long? Ay ay ay. My heart sunk. As always, I take the evidence I have and work with it.

So the Sizzle this week is short and snappy! Shot it with a cup of tea or something stronger on this Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what I have been loving this week on Success Criteria:

2 mins to clip

‘How Can Students Use Success Criteria Checklists’

This clip doesn’t have the finesse of others, but it is gold. You here a young child talking through the SC and correcting her own learning based on it. It paints my vision, a child independently using the SC to level up thaeir learning before asking for assistance.

3 mins to read

‘Goal Setting for Children with Learning Disabilities’

A quick read for ALL parents. This piece has some really clear cut ideas. Whether your child has a learning disability or not, it discusses motivation, goal-setting and achievement towards a common goal of independent learning.

  • @thewrightclassroom on INSTAGRAM

0 mins!!

I had to think differently this week, so this last line is a little learning by osmosis. I don’t know Serena, but goodness I love looking at her Instagram page for teaching and learning. I’m all about the little incremental learning through INSTA life.

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